June 23rd, 2016

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So it appears I have three stories premiering at Anthrocon 2016, which I will again not be at.

“A Day With No Tide” will be in the anthology Gods With Fur, edited by Fred Patten. In addition to my novelette, the anthology includes stories by Alice Dryden, Kyell Gold, Jefferson Swycaffer, Michael Payne, Mary E. Lowd and many more—23 stories in total. The cover art by Teagan Gavet is also amazing. It’s published by FurPlanet, and it’s available for preorder now.

“Trade All the Stars” will be in another anthology, Fragments of Life’s Heart, edited by Laura “Munchkin” Lewis and Stefano “Mando” Zocchi, published by Weasel Press. Rabbit Valley will have some copies to sell at AC. (It should have distribution on Amazon and other online booksellers, too, including in ebook form.) This anthology has a loose theme of love in all its forms–not always romantic. My story is a prequel to both the earlier story “Tow” and the forthcoming novel Kismet. Other contributors include Renee Carter Hall, Jess E. Owen, Ocean Tigrox, Kris Carver, and M.C.A. Hogarth.

And, my story “Wit’s End” will appear in Sofawolf’s next issue of Heat, their annual adults-only fiction and comics periodical. They tend to have plenty of issues to sell at cons; you can also order them from Sofawolf’s web site or, eventually, from Rabbit Valley. It’s a somewhat comic story set in the 1970s, about a straight-laced young businesswolf who, following the advice of a coworker who told him to “loosen up,” finds himself in a bohemian coffeehouse and gets swept up—almost literally—by a whirlwind of a jackrabbit woman.

Last but not least, for those of you of a slightly technonerd bent, I may start writing occasional articles over at Medium, while Coyote Tracks gets back to being a bit more of a “share interesting links” blog.

(Also, my novella “Going Concerns” is still a 99¢ ebook! You can find links to Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Google Play and Kobo at its publisher page, or buy it as a DRM-free download at Bad Dog Books.)

(Originally posted at Coyote Prints)