June 5th, 2016

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My novella “Going Concerns” is available as an ebook, published by Pronoun. Here’s the pitch:

People from across the empire come to the cosmopolitan city-state of Raneadhros to find new lives. After fleeing a past employer she’s sure tried to have her killed, though, Ann Swift’s having trouble starting over: when you’re a six-foot-six wolf woman, it’s hard to convince people you just want a quiet job as an accountant. When Gibson Scava, a brash feline detective investigating the very employer she’s trying to get away from, barges into her life to get her to “work the case” with her, it gets even harder.

As assassins start showing up at her doorstep and the Ranean Guard starts taking a dim view of her “interference,” Ann needs to decide just much she can trust the flirtatious Gibson—and just how far she’s willing to embrace the Big Bad Wolf stereotype she’s been fighting against her whole life.

Set in an inventive society of Victorian engineering, low magic, and human and animal races, this darkly humorous mystery was nominated for a Cóyotl Award in its original publication.

Watts Martin is also the author of the Cóyotl-winning “Indigo Rain,” set in the same world as “Going Concerns,” and of the short story collection “Why Coyotes Howl.”

This is something of an experiment to see how publishing with Pronoun works. Short form: pretty well. I might like a little more control over the front matter in particular (I’m neurotic that way), but it’s pretty solid.

Anyway: if you like the story, please give it a review! Early reviews in particular really help stories move up in Amazon’s rankings. Here’s the Amazon page. And, speaking of shameless commerce, I’ve lowered the prices of Indigo Rain and Why Coyotes Howl to $2.99 on Amazon, so if you haven’t given them a try, now’s an excellent time.

(Originally posted at Coyote Prints)