March 18th, 2013

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A Gift of Fire, A Gift of Blood

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away I serialized a novella in YARF! called A Gift of Fire, A Gift of Blood. It's had a couple minor revisions since then, and an attempt a few years ago to rewrite it entirely. I mostly shelved the rewrite attempt with an "I'll get back to it someday" thought, but for various reasons I decided this weekend that someday was here--I'd do a less dramatic revision of chapters 2-4 to go with the new and completed chapter 1, which did most of the heavy lifting with respect to the parts that bugged me.

And now, I'm re-serializing it, on several of the archive sites.

If you're interested in it, you have three places to follow along:

The text is, of course, the same on all of the sites, so if one of them is Your Favorite Site, great. If you don't have a clear preference I'd suggest SoFurry, which has a notably better reading experience than the other two sites. (While Weasyl gives stories better treatment than FA does, they're clearly second bananas at both sites. it's just that FA has no first bananas.)

Once the serial is finished I'll probably write about the changes I made and why (there are no changes to the actual plot, I promise), and I have vague handwavy plans to produce an ebook version after that that may have some kind of exclusive something added to entice you to buy it (although I hope "I like this story and would like to show that by giving you a couple bucks" will be a bit of a reason on its own!).