December 27th, 2007

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After Christmas

It’s been a good Christmas, overall. The day itself was quiet, just my mother and I in early morning, and a friend of hers coming over for breakfast. We have our big dinner on Christmas Eve, rather than Christmas Day, and hellesfarne came up to join us.

Today begins a marathon, of sorts, seeing people in various parts of the state: in an hour I drive down to St. Pete to visit an old friend and former flatmate. Tomorrow evening, I’ll be down in Tampa to visit haikujaguar and other friends. Saturday, off to Orlando to visit ladyperegrine, probably in the company of hellesfarne again. Sunday, my last day out here, I expect to spend at home, helping my mother set up her computers with OS X 10.5 (a gift I got her, which is slightly self-serving: I think I’ll be able to provide remote tech support for her more easily using iChat’s screen sharing).

I don’t know what I’ll do on New Years’ Eve yet; I’ll be back in California then, my flight arriving around three in the afternoon. It could be a quiet evening at home, it could be a trip into San Francisco on BART to see fireworks if such happen there, it could be a get-together with friends.

My Christmas vignette from a couple days ago was posted with a quasi-riddle of why the main character is a collie. There were a few inventive responses, but only kereminde guessed that it’s because collies are shepherding dogs. Jean (the collie) had, after all, spent all those years watching over her flock by night; this was the Christmas an angel appeared to her with news of salvation.