December 3rd, 2007

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Just about everything that needs to be moved over to the new place has been moved over. There are a couple things tugrik has suggested I could take and a couple things of mine lurking around the living room — a second (!) DVD player of mine which was superseded in the audio rack, the AppleTV that I can’t actually use. There are things to throw out in my old room, and clothes that need to be rescued, although if I recall correctly most or all of them are going to be dropped off at Goodwill after rescue. This will be out by the weekend at the latest — sooner if I can manage it, although I’m inclined to take a night or two off from the constant driving.

My room is partially set up, but it’s full of boxes, and the living room is, well, full of many more boxes beyond that. I don’t think we’re going to be seriously looking at living room furniture until after the new year. I’ve slept at the new place two days and I’m still not adjusted to to it, but I’m hoping that will come with time. I have some room rearrangement to do already, I think.

Things are not as copacetic as I’d like; I put in a maintenance request for four problems this morning, the most serious of which is that the water pressure in my shower is so low that it can’t actually drive the shower. I’m tempted to head home a bit early and ping the office people about it and the other issues. Showering is, generally speaking, important to me.

Tonight, I may cook. I don’t know what, although I’m leaning toward something simple with pasta. I’m not entirely sure what cooking utensils I have, and I don’t even know where we’ll be able to eat; the only table that can be used as a dining room table is (surprise) covered with boxes. But I’d like to break in the kitchen with more than the inaugural cup of coffee this morning. (And more than the gin and tonic I expect to make tonight, with Hendrick’s and Fever Tree respectively. But that will, I certainly hope, be good.)