April 2nd, 2007

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I’ve been working sporadically on no less than three journal entries; obviously I’m not getting the timing down too well here. I’ll see what I can manage over the rest of this week. As you might be able to deduce, I’ve been kind of busy the last few weeks—with my real work during the weekday, and with room cleaning/planning on weekends. (One of the journal entries was about my plans for room rearrangement, which is likely to involve buying some new furniture and getting rid of old furniture.) Spring cleaning? Yes, pretty much, although I’m hoping some of it will be “mental cleaning,” too.

I haven’t even had the time to throw snippets onto Coyote Tracks as frequently as I’d like, although it’s still updated notably more frequently than this journal. (To repeat the PSA, LiveJournal users can subscribe to it by friending chipotle_tumble; there’s also an RSS feed available directly.)