January 9th, 2007

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Sitting at MacWorld

I’m sitting in Microsoft’s “Blogger Lounge” at the MacWorld Expo, ganking their free power and ethernet. Since I’ve claimed to be a blogger to get in here (you’re soaking in it!), I figured I might as well, you know, blog a little.

So the big story that’s going about is, of course, the iPhone. Yeah, I’m pretty impressed by it. Everyone else will talk about it at much greather length so, you know, go read what they have to say. What’s most intriguing about it to me is the claim that it’s running OS X, though—that means that Apple has an embedded version of the OS, comparable to Windows Mobile (or WinCE or whatever it’s been renamed this week).

Here’s a little Mac story that seemed to have quietly slipped through the cracks: the AirPort Extreme is now an 802.11n base station, and Apple seems to have confirmed the speculation that most of the Intel Macs already support it.

The stuff that I’m really interested isn’t being announced at all, though—I want to know if iWork is going to get a spreadsheet (not mentioned yet, if it is); I want OS X 10.5 “Leopard” now, darnit; I want to know, just for the record, if they’re going to ship a thin 12” MacBook Pro; I want to know if they’re going to be producing an Apple-branded flat-panel TV. And, yes, I think the last one is pretty likely: the announcements today don’t dissuade me from my belief that Apple really isn’t gunning for Microsoft at all, they’re gunning for Sony.

At any rate, it’s approaching time to do some floor-wandering again, I think. I have one whole hall to wander, apparently—MacWorld is a lot bigger this year than it was the last time I attended in 2003. And later today I’m going to make the attempt to get to the Apple Store for MacBreak Weekly, as previously written.

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MacWorld followup

I’m currently on the free wifi of the 21st Amendment Brewpub in San Francisco, where MacBreak Weekly was actually being taped at. No, not at the Apple Store. Ha-ha! It was nonetheless a fine show, although as the mezzanine filled up—and kept filling and kept filling—I started to get somewhat claustrophobic. And, as the show ran on for two hours instead of its normal one (!), I became a bit faint from hunger, which I’m sure didn’t help the claustrophobia. I did get to “re-introduce” myself to Merlin before the show but we didn’t really talk afterward; I’d gone down to the street level again by then to order dinner.

The table next to me turned out to also be MacWorld attendees, one of whom was fairly local (the Berkeley area), so we talked a bit off and on. For the record, while the 21st Amendment does have good beer, they have great food—well, at least a great jerk roast chicken. And a pretty good sundae. Even pretty good coffee.

Speaking of good coffee, I have another coffee machine arriving tomorrow, but that’s a different post. Time to walk back to the BART station and ride back to the car!