March 16th, 2006

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Time flies like a banana

I went out on an interview on Tuesday; today I heard back that the position is likely no longer open. It had been a contract position whose previous contractor left for a permanent gig somewhere, but now that the position has become contract-to-hire, she apparently wants her position back.

I also do have a few other resumes out, including with the recruiter who was supposed to call me back no later than yesterday and whose number I can’t find now (d’oh), and one with the recruiter for the hip web company in SF who I haven’t heard from in a week. And there’s also a recruiter at another major software company who asked for my resume and went silent.

On the other hand, I got contacted twice today by people wanting to send my resume out to companies, so. I’m disappointed but not discouraged; after all, it’s actually been less than a week, so I can’t say I’m doing badly.

I’ve noticed that this time around—which is distinct from my job hunting a year and a half ago—many of the contacts are about positions at big companies, not startups.

In addition to being disappointed, I’m also hungry. It’s time to head out and get food—and also get groceries, so I can cook dinner here. I’m thinking beef stew, or something else that will stick around and generate leftovers.