March 10th, 2006

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My web site and e-mail has been down for over 18 hours now and I have no idea if the hosting company is even working on it (it's not my machine, and they don't seem to have anything obvious like a "current issues" page on their web site). This is, y'know, the address on all my resumes. Including ones that don't have any other way to contact me, because I didn't want to have my phone number on publicly-accessible copies.

So basically, if anyone new is trying to get in touch with me via email, they can't. And if I didn't get back to someone with an alternate email address, the chances are I'm not going to today. I can't even check the already collected email from yesterday to fish for phone numbers until I get back home. (This is one of the very few times I've been glad the mail client I use has no IMAP support -- forcing me to use POP means that I can't just leave all the mail on the server.)

As an added bonus, one of my other domains is inaccessible now, apparently because this machine is listed as a secondary name server, and for some reason that's enough to make it impossible to reach.

I may start using my address as my business contact from now on. Say what you will about it marking me as an in-your-face Apple user -- the chances are when it goes down, it's going to be worked on VERY FAST.

I suspect the friend who's hosting my domains is too polite to mention the company by name, so we should be clear that it is not him telling you that, from all appearances, is completely incompetent. (This is not the first problem and a couple of the other ones were egregious, but this is the longest one I recall in terms of outage, and the most stressful to me personally.)