July 27th, 2005

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As this meme is making the rounds again, off and on...

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I'm also told my "peep turf" (?) is three cities: San Jose, Tampa, and Seattle. Well, I've lived in two of the three... hmm.

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As a note to the anonymous NetPoodles commenter...

I imagine R&D knows better than I about when bailing is the right answer. Some of them came on board from sinking (or sunk) ships, after all.

The non-existent partnerships have been a hallmark of the company from the beginning, I'd say.

There were things in the WolfPac that weren't there in open source solutions, although I haven't cared enough to benchmark that in a couple years. :) The idea was always that customers were paying for integration -- which isn't so nuts when you consider how many people are paying $25+ a month to run Webmin on somebody else's server. Of course, the integration has to be good.

Since I worked on SRM2, I know about its limitations, and last I heard they weren't being addressed.

And, McDonald's not only owns Chipotle, they own Boston Market. They were smart enough to do "the right thing" with each one: Chipotle they didn't change at all, as far as I know; Boston Market they completely revamped, and probably saved the chain by doing so. Whether any of these are applicable to NetPoodles is open to question....

You know, you might as well just be emailing these to me. I have a suspicion you tipped your hand a while ago referring to (specific) margaritas, anyway.
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