April 2nd, 2005

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Random thoughts

I’m trying to see if I can set up BBEdit to allow LiveJournal posting from within it. We’ll see. (Fear the pseudo-Emacs.)

I finally did the taxes that I’ve been putting off. The good news is that it’s less than last year. The bad news is that it’s more than twice my savings. Have I mentioned how much I hate working on 1099 contracts?

Part of today I wandered around Palo Alto. I was very tempted to spend money that, well, I don’t have. Part of me wants an iPod mini. Part of me also wants a new PowerBook to replace Peroxide, which has served me well but has more damage than mere cosmetics at this point—the most serious problem being that it can’t load CDs anymore. And sometimes the battery falls out. Really. There’s also a couple dead pixels on the screen and the keyboard is starting to get flaky, but I can live with that for now. And of course the latch is broken (probably from being dropped a year ago), and the plastic bezel looks like hell. I might be able to get all of the problems repaired for $300; what I’m tempted to do, though, is try to keep working on it as-is until the battery starts going (as opposed to merely falling out). Then I’ll take stock of my finances then. Which, since I’m at least on W-2 tax terms now, hopefully won’t be quite as terrible.

This is all contigent on my not deciding to leave my job, sell everything I can, and spend a few months cruising around Mexico looking for really good tequila. I’m kidding, I think, but I’ve rarely felt quite as much at loose ends as I have been recently. Terrible restlessness with no direction. I’m supposed to be planning a vacation with my mother that’d happen in May—I’m inclined to tell her to put a hold on the thought until summer, and take a few days off to be entirely alone. Maybe off in a remote cabin in New Mexico.

If I get a network connection there, can I convince my employer to let me work remotely there for a week or two? I’m not sure “midlife crisis” is considered a sufficient justification.