March 9th, 2005

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The slightly mobile office

I decided I’d take my laptop on the road—well, on the walk. For the past three hours or so I’ve been sitting in one of the company cafes, working here rather than at my cubicle.

Why? Good question and I don’t have a particularly good answer. My cubicle is probably (marginally) better ergonomically, and it’s not as if I’m sitting in a loud area or am surrounded by loud coworkers or even have very much interruption during the day. There’s actually considerably more background noise here, even though it’s been relatively quiet. The lunch hours are 11–2, so people have only been in here for snacks and such; it’s mostly been empty.

Yet, I’ve been feeling more productive and alert. I think what it is, basically, is: I like open. I like the space. I like having big windows letting in the outside light.

In one sense this may be something I had in Florida that I don’t have here at home; in solo apartment living, my bedroom was only where I slept, and my “workspace” was the whole living room, with the computer desk off to one side (within easy viewing distance of the TV, I admit). Despite having a terrific desktop machine that makes my laptop seem anemic, I’m still inclined to be sitting in the living room here working on stuff unless I need to concentrate.

Of course, that’s only a half-truth, in that I ended up going to places like Panera to work a lot back then, too. Open places a lot like this cafe.

I may have to try and do this more often in work afternoons, if I can.

Unrelated postscript: I appreciate the various offers of help with Claw & Quill and I do expect to contact one or two people, once I figure out exactly what I need beyond “more help” and also how to structure it from a technical/process side. (The CMS allows the concepts of editors and publishers and writers, but I’m not clear on what its definition of that is.)