January 2nd, 2005

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Random weekend update

So yesterday I did indeed go out taking pictures. 143, in fact, of which I liked two and a half. (One of them worked after I cropped it, and converted it to sepia tone.) But the goal was more to have a Learning Experience™ than to come back with high art.

Today, dracosphynx, Dave B. and I went out to "La Ultima," a New Mexican restaurant in Danville. By "New Mexican," I mean the state, not a Mexican place of recent vintage -- while it's definitely a relative of Mexican cuisine, it's got its own character. I had sopapillas stuffed with chile verde, and a small cup of posole. It was a late lunch, but I'm still full.

After that, we stopped at a Starbucks -- yeah yeah yeah, but Danville is light on coffee shops, when it comes down to it. However, they had ads up for "Chantico drinking chocolate," which we asked about. The manager looked at the register and said, "I don't think it's in the system yet but we can give you all samples," which she did, complete with little dipping cookies. While the baristas seemed dubious of it, it was pretty impressive stuff in its own way--basically, this stuff is to hot chocolate what espresso is to drip coffee. From what I gathered, it's going to be rolled out at the stores officially tomorrow.

While I was contemplating putting up the three pictures I liked, even in small form they're not small. I'm debating starting a photojournal or some such for those who might be interested (and for my own benefit, I suppose!). I'll put a link here if I do.
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