December 19th, 2004

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Home for the holidays

I fly back to Tampa on the 21st, and return here on the 27th. In theory, I'll be spending most of the 22nd in Tampa--visiting former co-workers for lunch that day, and probably wrapping up with an evening dinner somewhere in town. (I may also be around another day/evening in Tampa, depending on available time, solar flare activity, etc.)

Anyone interested in getting together should let me know about their availability and preferences. I expect to see some of the "old" group that I knew there, at least Mirage, varjohaltia and hellesfarne (and possibly haikujaguar and elusivetiger if they have interest and available time), but there's also the quasi-nexus that's formed around rancourt that includes people who've been there for a while that I didn't see regularly when I lived in Tampa like kiarrh, argentee and dbcooper. (Whew. This probably suggests two evenings at the least if I can manage it. I'd also like to attempt to catch Vince and the mythical Bart Fox, but they tend to be out of town for the holidays.) Suggestions about where to go--for dinner, wiseguy!--are also welcome; I'd probably default to the Tampa Bay Brewing Company in Ybor, presuming it's still open, but there may be many other cool inexpensive restaurants that have appeared there within the last two years. As a forewarning, the coyote does not expect to be showing up with any gifts this time 'round, even small tokens of affection--four months of unemployment tends to crimp that.

I'd ask anyone if they have any suggestions for lunch on the 22nd, too, since my former supervisor asked me where I want to go and I want something more intelligent than "hey, you live there, I don't."