November 7th, 2004

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NaNoWriMo update

I bumbled off to a “write-in” today, a peculiar NaNoWriMo tradition where a group of people get together at the same place and, well, write at one another. I wasn’t sure how this would actually work in practice, but today I wrote about 3400 words, and wrote probably 2500 of them at Orchard Valley Coffee. My guess is that this was about 600-700 words an hour. I’m still about 1250 words behind the benchmark, but I did get past the 10,000-word mark, a nice psychological milestone.

I’m aware I’ve been uncommunicative about the project, and, well, this’ll probably continue. The novel doesn’t have a title yet and even if it does get finished, there are details which I already know are going to have to change: I’ve set it in a mythical version of India, and I suspect the connection to the “real” India may have to be further obscured. Religion is very important in the story, but while I’ve appropriated Hindu names and some of the philosophy, the implementation—if you’ll forgive the geek term—is very different.

For those who might be curious and who have enough time on their hands to read a fairly long prologue, one scene that runs about 1800 words… (and which I’ve now edited three times in the two minutes since I posted, noticing stupid errors—the fun of high-speed writing!)

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