November 4th, 2004

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Returning to normal, mostly

haikujaguar wrote earlier today:

I feel no hatred or anger for the people who disagreed with me. I have no illusions about knowing what motivated their choices. It’s time to move on. I only wish, looking around, that more people felt the same way. It breaks my heart to see people I like painting with so broad a brush. A broad brush might cover a lot of ground, but it destroys the details that transform a piece from mediocrity to sublime beauty.

…which is absolutely true.

But wait! one might say. Given your post earlier today, it’s obvious you have a wee bit of an anger issue there, coyote.

Well, yes, guilty.

But I’m not really angry with people who voted differently, though; I’m angry with the way that my values have been distorted and vilified. I’ve usually tried to treat conservative ideas with respect even when I strenuously disagreed with them, and watching people I once respected demonstrate utter contempt for any idea remotely “liberal” has been more of a shock over the last year than perhaps it should have been.

I drove around for a while, ending up in Pacific Grove, and had lunch at a little grill I wouldn’t recommend. Then I sat in a coffee shop for a while, writing and listening to people talk about the election. (I’d rather not have been listening, frankly, but they got loud.)

I’m still woefully behind where I need to be to keep up with the NaNoWriMo target word count, and letting myself get dangerously behind magazine things, so tomorrow will—I hope—be a day of catchup in both.

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Nisus Writer Express Review

I found out from the Nisus weblog that my review of Nisus Writer Express is online. In fact, they linked to this weblog from their weblog.

So on the off chance you came here from there: hi, and forgive the political ranting below. (In my defense, this is the season for political ranting. Most of the time I'm writing about other subjects!)

And, yes, I'm working on my NaNoWriMo novel in Nisus Writer Express.