October 12th, 2004

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It's late, and I should be in bed

Not the most productive day I've had, nor the most productive past week. It hasn't been a complete loss--a few more resumes sent out, a couple requested, an interview with a recruiter, a contact from a few more. I've done a little writing and a little design work. Lots of little things, in other words--just nothing that feels like it's moved ahead quantitatively, save for my original website, which I've finally kicked into life again by ripping out Movable Type's guts and redoing the embedded LJ style. It doesn't look much different now than it did under MT, although I haven't tried to reproduce the calendar functionality. (My patience isn't that high.)

My espresso machine seems to have stopped properly, uh, espressing. Suck. I'm going to have to see if I actually bothered to do the warranty registration.

I've got a good "cover" illustration for Claw & Quill, and Lynx is working on a dynamite piece for one story. Another artist has had her schedule derailed by hurricanes (I didn't realize she lived around Orlando!) and I didn't think to get a new artist in time. Go me. And, another artist's gotten back to me with art for a third story--and it's art that I don't really like. I was taking something of a chance on his kind of odd art style--sort of a digital collage look--and it didn't pan out. I may run a stock photo with that story. I may run a stock photo for both. Yay for stock photos. Hopefully I will learn, through pitfalls like these, the "art wrangler" side of art direction.

Tomorrow I either do everything I've been putting off, or I drive to Santa Cruz or something. Not that these things are really exclusive if I organize things portably. Yay for laptops with good battery life.
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