August 30th, 2004

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Butterflies for the day

So, I'm sitting around the house and feeling faintly queasy this morning. I'm not entirely sure why; I suspect a certain level of stomach butterflies. Hopefully it's that and not, say, food poisoning.

I haven't made any Portland plans for this week, yet. I have an interview today with a large company in the local area for a "Technical Communications Specialist" position. This seems to be a combination web development and technical writing position, which theoretically could be right up my alley, although it'll depend on how much graphic design they want. (The detailed job checklist they sent me talks about "expertise in Photoshop/Illustrator," which I don't have.)

Do interviews make me jittery? Sometimes. This'll be the biggest company I've interviewed with in a long time, and I'm expecting it to be the most commensurately formal interview process I've had in a long time. I know that's not always the case with big Silicon Valley companies--Apple was famous for being an anti-tie kind of place, and may still be--but, well, this isn't Apple.

After the interview, I'll... well, I'll probably stop by a coffee shop I know of near that company, because, y'know.

I'm still considering the trip, though, just heading out tomorrow and returning on Friday; I'll have to get in touch with Sean or Dusty Kat to see about checking in on the cats if I do this thing. When I get back home I'll check on the hotel I was thinking of. (Under $70 a night, bland but still respectable-seeming, with free high-speed internet.)

This weekend I spent--surprise--working more on the back end for Claw & Quill, getting stuff I've been working on locally moved to the actual server and starting to go through a checklist of things that need to be put into place. I've realized I should actually turn my attention to the "content" again right now, though--getting yea/nay notices sent out on a batch of stories that have been sent in and trying to get the accepted ones out to artists. Then, while I'm waiting for art to magically appear, I can finish the rest of the back end. (staticstealer, the comment I think I made about getting something for the color frontispiece from you if you're interested still holds!)

What's left to do on the back end is a little intimidating--I need to add a simple accounting system to Textpattern, so it can manage automatically switching out advertisements, rotating the frontispiece if at some point I have multiple images, and recognize "subscribers." In my current design, it's not going to have user accounts, but subscriptions will instead be managed like Daring Fireball--users will get a unique key which can be added to certain URLs. Right now the initial plans will be that this will get you full-text RSS/Atom feeds, email notifications of updates, and if possible, let you turn articles/stories into e-book downloads. The main thing it gets you, of course, is the ability to keep funding Claw & Quill in a fairly painless fashion--which is primarily what I'll "sell" it as. (I'm probably going to drop the "sponsor us for a week" idea, and just go with subscriptions, patrons and advertisers.)

At this point, I don't plan to restrict non-subscribers in any fashion--subscription primarily gets you a warm fuzzy feeling and, ideally, adds a few benefits. People will have access to all the online stories and the forums whether or not they've paid, although they will have to put up with a five-minute-long, unskippable SEND MONEY NOW Flash animation. No, no, just kidding.

Now, off to the cleaners' to see if they've gotten the outfit I want to wear today, well, clean...
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I think the interview went well. Generally relaxed, despite this being, I think, the only time I've worn a tie since I've been living in California.

* * *

I'm actually heading off on the Portland trip tomorrow. No idea what I'll be doing when I get there. Those who need to get in touch with me, well, you can probably figure out how. (AIM, SMS, whatever, and actually I expect to be online a fair amount -- this may be a working vacation of sorts.)

* * *

I've just read a story on the Transformation Story Archive list, and it had a problem, of sorts, that reminded me of a problem that a couple of the stories submitted to me both recently and over the years have had. (Lest anyone on my LJ friends list think I'm talking about them: no, I'm not. I promise.) The problem is extreme heavy-handedness. This is something I've long thought of as "The Technicolor Troll Problem," after a character on some afternoon cartoon show -- either "He-Man" or "She-Ra," I think -- who was a little rainbow-colored troll who'd come on right before the end credits and effectively say, "Okay, kids, in case you didn't get the message of today's episode, let me spell it out for you!"

I was considering posting this URL as a comment to the TSA story, but I won't. I'm a good coyote, mostly.
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