August 25th, 2004

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I'm strongly considering taking a mini-vacation -- against all reason and logic, I know -- to Portland soon. Maybe next week. Find some inexpensive (as distinct from "cheap") motel to hole up in for a few days, explore the area.

If this happens, it won't be an "off the net" vacation; I need to keep checking job listings, sending in résumés, and so on. I'm actually playing phone tag with a couple recruiters currently, which is keeping me from going ahead and making reservations. I'm also fighting my quirky, contradictory feelings of wanting the security of a full-time job but wanting the freedom of contracting, where you could -- I don't know -- decide that you wanted to spend a few days in Portland, and just go ahead and do it. (Yes, I know that you actually have to tell your current client, if you have one, your plans and give advance warning and all that.)

And, of course, I need to keep working on Claw & Quill, which is coming together just faster than I expected, so I need to make sure that, if I'm not on top of the ball, I'm at least not under it. why a desire for a vacation right now, then?

Without going into sordid details, I think I need to retool some mental processes that are stuck in loops. Going off to a place I've wanted to visit for a while but haven't ever gotten around to could be a rut-breaking move. We'll see.

Back to phone tag for the moment.
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