August 20th, 2004

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I have a few more résumés to send out, and work that's accumulating that needs to be attended to more responsibly -- a couple story ideas of my own (one that's on a deadline of less than a week away). My concentration ability is minimal today, though, or at least it's minimal right now. I suspect I need to work on easing my schedule back toward earlier rising -- long ago I observed that I'm basically a morning person, I just like to sleep in late. But it's definitely time to make one of my periodic pushes to harness my muse rather than wait for inspiration.

Of course, it could be said that when my muse isn't generating stories, she's generating other things for me to do, like, say, start MUCKs and webzines.

There were about 120 hits on the C&Q website in 36 hours or so, which may not be dramatic -- but it's nothing to complain about, either. I'm trying to think of good ways to promote the thing, both before and after -- other websites I should try to arrange link exchanges with (and/or advertising exchanges, or places to solicit ads from, etc.), and places that might be good to drum up authors/artists. I have a few more ideas I'll be following up on this weekend, but I'm definitely open to suggestions. :)
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