July 30th, 2004

default, pepper

Have I mentioned I hate IE?

Because I do. Really. Why?

  1. Futz around with XML templates.
  2. Futz around with CSS.
  3. Get things looking good in real browsers.
  4. Try to get PNG hack to work gracefully in IE.
  5. Realize CSS is broken in IE. Fix CSS.
  6. Fix has broken CSS in real browsers. Make both happy.
  7. IE for Windows, running on a PC on the other side of the house, isn’t happy with CSS. Make it happy. Make sure all other browsers are happy.
  8. Fill out the rest of the site’s templates and “forms” (the term Textpattern uses for modules it builds pages from, which confusingly have nothing to do with the form tag in HTML).
  9. Create Javascript solution to PNG problem, which creates unnecessary dependency on Javascript. Create PHP solution that doesn’t work.
  10. Make site look, if not perfect, pretty darn good.
  11. Fix PHP solution. Ha! No Javascript.
  12. Discover IE for Windows has broken in new and different ways, as blocks which once respected the float CSS property no longer do. Check other web sites which work and fail to find any differerence other than the obvious (i.e., they work).
  13. Spew extended paragraphs aloud which involve the phrase “f••kity f••k” repeatedly. Hope neighbors are not listening.

This has been my week so far. When I’m not screaming in frustration, it’s kind of fun. I think. Maybe. I suspect I’m trying to make this too “perfect,” for some value of perfect that remains ill-defined. I waffle between “this is far too plain-looking” and “adding more to it would make it busy,” suspecting that there’s a certain truth in both. I may yet add a subtle background rather than pure white, but it would have to be, well, subtle. That’s probably in the “final flourish” stage rather than the design planning stage, though.

But I bet it’ll break f••kity f••king IE for Windows.