July 17th, 2004

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On the road, briefly

So I've been thinking about buying an XM satellite radio for a while now -- over a year, since seeing tugrik's SkyFi. This last week, I saw that the Delphi "Roady 2" model of receiver was on sale (and this model can rebroadcast on FM and thus requires no installation, although I'm 99% sure I'd get improved sound if I got the $60 auxiliary input cable for the car stereo and figured out how to connect it) and that they're running a rebate program for a free home kit if you buy one now. After going over my finances, I came to the inescapable conclusion that I could afford to get one without a significant burden, or even a significant effect on my half-baked financial plan for the year.

So, today I'm going on a road trip to test it. No actual idea when I'll be back. Maybe just in the late evening, maybe ridiculously late. Who knows. Naturally, I'll be wandering off with the laptop.

Back -- soon.
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