May 7th, 2004

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The trip that was planned with mom starting tomorrow has been cancelled abruptly, due to mom not feeling well enough to travel.

While it makes me feel somewhat callous, I confess right now I'm mostly thinking about the cost in changing reservations (since the inn tomorrow night will charge me anyway, given they required 72 hours' cancellation), and about the fact that I was, by and large, slacking off this past week with the understanding that pursuing new work would be a little foolish if I wasn't going to be around for interviews next week. There isn't a single place I've interviewed out here in California that didn't want me in a few days after I contacted them, which I know is less a reflection on me than on the frenetic pace of small tech companies.

Fortunately, I did get a start on updating my resume, and I'll consider some reworking of it to make it a little more focused and less "buzzword bingo." You still have to play bingo to get past HR departments, but particularly given my lack of degree, I need to accent the experience that I have as much as possible, I think -- find a way to get across that even though I've only had "technical writer" in my title on two short positions, I've had many years of writing experience.

This is one of those times where I think I'd really like to have a nice dinner tonight, which is made more irritating by knowing that I shouldn't spend the money on one. (I've been good and eaten at home the entire week, save for an almond danish yesterday.)