April 24th, 2004

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Puttering off the road again

My contract does indeed come to an end next week, at a possibly indeterminate day. (My guess is Wednesday.) It sounds like there's a good chance there will be more work later, but I've already done a bit of resume-updating, and I should get my Craigslist ads together.

I'm trying not to contemplate just how many bills I have at the moment: I realized I need to pay my car insurance -- hmm, pretty much today, since it's later in the month than I thought it was -- and I need to pay rent and car payments and take my car to the shop for brake work in addition to the normal maintenance and, oh yes, handle the taxes. All this should actually be doable, and doing the numbers, even after the taxes are paid off I'll have about as much as I did when I left There. It's just that all the numbers, particularly the outgoing ones, are intimidatingly big.

And, naturally, I want to do something like drive to Tucson, or drive all the way down Highway 1 or something. I suppose I could do either of those with my mother in two weeks, but I'm not sure whether she'd really like that much of a vagabond-style vacation.

What I think I'll do now, though, is tend to a couple of those bills and get an appointment at the Acura dealer for the car, and maybe look back at abandoned stories to see if I can resurrect them.