April 3rd, 2004

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Because howling is passé

Every so often I've wanted to write something that's more political than I usually let myself get here. Well, no, I'll be honest -- I frequently want to write something more political than I usually get here.

What holds me back, generally, is that I know some readers aren't that interested in politics, and some seem uncomfortable being reminded that they're friends with people who don't see the world the way they do. Things I've considered fairly innocuous have ruffled feathers.

So after a fair amount of waffling off and on over the past couple of months, I've taken advantage of one of Movable Type's entertaining tricks and created another weblog.

Barking at the Moon is something of an experiment. Coyote Cartography (i.e., this journal) will remain pretty much what it is, with personal news and reflections on fandom and writing; Barking is going to be decidedly more political and engage in more "pure" weblogging, that is, little pointers to other things on the web with short commentary. It's possible that down the road I'll discover I'm not updating Barking very much and I'll just give up, moving the occasional political commentary here. And it's possible that if it does seem to "take off" I'll consider rearranging the division of labor between the two journals, but we'll see. (As the name "Coyote Cartography" might suggest, this journal was actually thought of as a little more travel-oriented than it's ended up being.)

I'm not planning on creating a LiveJournal "mirror" for Barking, because I don't want to have two sets of comments going on in two different places. If you use LiveJournal for RSS feeds, you can add the journal barkingmoon to your friends list to get excerpts/summaries and links to full postings; if you use a real RSS newsreader, use the real feed.

And if you don't want the politics, don't go there. One man's satire is another man's offensive rant, and if you're the sort of person who equates "taking a position" with "having an agenda," you may get uncomfortable. (For one thing, I'll be inclined to make barbed comments about how we use phrases like "having an agenda" to make those we disagree with sound sinister. "I don't trust those ACLU folks -- I think they might... have an agenda.")