January 27th, 2004

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Not a con report

Back from dropping Kitana's player off at the airport, after a breakfast at the Coco's by the hotel and a meandering drive through the heart of Silicon Valley, the north side of San Jose around the Cisco campus. (Well, if not the heart, maybe the left ventricle, or at least the aorta.)

It was a good con, all in all--I got to not only see people I don't see very regularly (including a few friends who are local and I have no excuse not to be seeing slightly more often than twice a year), but a couple I haven't seen in years and a few I'd vaguely known but hadn't spent much time with before. I talked a bit with Sofawolf and Baron Engel about my book project, which seems to be plodding forward.

And, my housemate's company has suddenly reappeared wanting to offer me a contract. While I'm in a bit of a limbo state with the company in Walnut Creek. For practical purposes, if the Walnut Creek guys actually make me an offer and it's a reasonable one, I'm going to choose it. It'll be a permanent full-time position and the one with the local guys would be neither permanent nor quite full-time, it looks like. Of course, the local one would pay nicely--even at 32 hours a week, it'd be a touch more weekly than I was making at the last contract--and it's a field (technical writing) I'd like to delve into. And it'd be about a tenth of the commute time.

So I emailed the Walnut Creek company this morning rather than leaving a voicemail message, although if I don't hear back soon I'll try by phone again. (I prefer email and the "paper trail" that it leaves, but that seems to be a minority opinion.) And soon I'll call the local folks back. Part of me is tempted to be just a little lackadaisical in getting back to 'em given that it took them nearly two months to get back to to me, but really, I only want to coordinate with the Walnut Creek folks -- if they want me back in for more interviewing I don't want it to overlap with the other company. (I don't want to be in a position where I'd sign a contract and then back out of it, even if doing so is perfectly legal with right-to-work laws. It just strikes me as very bad karma.)

Before any of that, though, I'm going to nap.
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Ikea Walkthru (v2.3.1)

In case you've ever gotten stuck in Ikea, here's, uh, just what you need: "IKEA is a fully immersive, 3D environmental adventure that allows you to role-play the character of someone who gives a shit about home furnishings. In traversing IKEA, you will experience a meticulously detailed alternate reality filled with garish colors, clear-lacquered birch veneer, and a host of NON-PLAYER CHARACTERS (NPCs) with the glazed looks of the recently anesthetized."

The Morning News - The Non-Expert: IKEA

Words fail me, but this is brilliant.