August 29th, 2003

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Thank you

I'd like to thank everyone who wrote, both in comments and email, the last couple of days. I wasn't thinking of my post as fishing for attention as much as explaining why I think I've been coming across as more taciturn and withdrawn than normal recently.

While I know I can't realistically promise "I'll be cheerful now," I can go a long ways toward not feeling too lonely in more maudlin periods.

* * *

Speaking of lonely, I have the house to myself this weekend, as Revar and Tugrik are out at Burning Man. I'd thought about going off and on, but never worked up a lot of enthusiasm. Yes, I know doing something when you're depressed can be good, but I didn't predict being a sad sack heading toward Labor Day--and come on, you know a group of friends (and even hopefully friendly strangers) gathered at a pizzeria or brewpub would be a lot more likely to draw me out than twenty thousand people sweltering on the playa. And paying a lot for the privilege.

As I left work yesterday, Frang said, "So, you're not going off into the wretched, stinking desert?" I said, "No, the wretched, stinking desert is awfully expensive." He nodded sagely.

I don't know what I am going to be doing most of this weekend. A tentative plan for Saturday. I'd be tempted to try to drive to the middle of nowhere on Sunday, and may still be, but gas prices will make that a pretty expensive proposition.

...but now it's slightly past time to get into work, again. I apologize to people who expect to see me pop up occasionally on FurryMUCK during the day; the company network is still disallowing outbound SSH connections and as of yet I've been given no sign that "connection to specific machine X to check email and stuff" will be approved for re-opening. I'm available on AIM off and on ('chipotlecoyote').