August 19th, 2003

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The coffee ceremony?

Making coffee in a press pot slows you down in the morning, particularly after you've gotten used to the speed of a Bunn, which brews four cups--two mugs, by normal standards--in two minutes. With the French press, it becomes more of a ritual: clean the pot, get water in a measuring cup, start it heating for three minutes, grind the beans, put the coffee grounds in the pot, wait for the water, pour in the water (making sure you wet all the grounds first, don't just pour it all in at once), start the timer again for four minutes. About a minute in, stir the coffee grounds. Then press down the filter and pour.

This isn't a bad thing, all in all. It encourages me to get up earlier, for one. (Setting my alarm clock for 7:00 helps but doesn't stop me from pressing the snooze bar for upwards of an hour. One step at a time, right?) And it forces a certain measured step rather than a mad dash. It's also encouraging me to think about rearranging my routines: I think I should shower before bed rather than in the morning, so that way I maximize time I have before going into work.

Paradoxically, the one drawback is that I'm more likely to be late to work, because I'm more likely to get caught up in doing something. (Like writing journal entries.) I should really find out who to poke about getting a VPN connection from home; I'd probably fire it up while I was sitting around with my coffee and at the very least check mail, and start the grunt work macros that I run. Yesterday at work was something of a loss; I'd have gotten at least as much done from home, and have been able to work on more serious personal projects simultaneously. As it is, I suspect it looks like I'm spending far too much time on the MUCK waiting for work--which I probably am, for office time. Another advantage of the "home office" is that if you multitask it won't look like you're a slacker.

Anyway, speaking of late to work, it's 9:20 here and I need to get out right now if I'm going to have a chance of being at my desk around 10:00.