May 16th, 2003

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I finally bought a digital camera. Not the über-camera I'd been thinking about, but a decidedly more modest Canon PowerShot A70. It's not any bigger than the 35mm point-and-shoot camera I also own, but--setting aside the inherent limitations in a 3-megapixel CCD compared to good film--it's a considerably more capable camera than the point-and-shoot is. Actually, it has most of the features I'd like in an SLR body that my AE-1P doesn't have: autofocus, shutter and aperture priority (the AE-1P only has shutter), exposure compensation. But, it's also fairly cheap and may--may--get me posting pictures online. This reminds me of my long-delayed road trip website, which I really should get together online before it becomes a full year out of date.

Yes, I've seen The Matrix Reloaded. Left to my own devices I doubt I'd have seen it this soon; actually, left to my own devices, I didn't see the first movie in theaters. Reviewing it is almost irrelevant--stunning visuals, dialogue veering erratically between witty and leaden, shot through with the earnest pop philosophy of a "serious" super-hero comic--we knew that all going into it. Does it have longer action sequences broken up by longer "weighty conversation" scenes? Sure does. Whether that's good, bad or neutral depends on who you ask. I go with neutral. A worthwhile movie, but seeing it--and its predecessor recently on DVD--makes me want to go back and see Dark City again. (Looking back at Ebert's review of the first Matrix, he writes, "Both 'Dark City' and 'Strange Days' offered intriguing motivations for villainy. 'Matrix' is more like a super-hero comic book in which the fate of the world comes down to a titanic fist-fight between the designated representatives of good and evil.")

Now off to sleep. I've gotten the vague notion of visiting the Mountain House, a restaurant on Skyline Boulevard in Woodside, at some point--supposedly very good continental cuisine in a beautiful surrounded-by-redwoods setting. But I have too many other restaurants to get through on my list first!