December 17th, 2002

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Yesterday I had an in-person interview with a company in Burlingame that's creating a "C|Net for the Life Sciences"--a directory that acts as both a community point and a catalog aggregator to make it easy for researchers to find and compare products in the field. Today, I had an in-person interview with a company in Palo Alto that's creating a wireless home monitoring product--essentially a web interface to X10 home automation systems, letting you control lights and appliances and monitor security alarms and cameras from any web-enabled product. Both of these were web development positions; the one in Burlingame is permanent and the one in Palo Alto is contract-possibly-permanent. The Palo Alto position is closer (although still not terribly close, about 24 miles one way) and a little closer to things I've done before, albeit using PHP on a more advanced level than I've done so far in the sense that they're using a lot of PHP's class and object system, something I've mostly avoided up until now by simple virtue of not needing them. The Burlingame position sounds pretty cool, though, and in addition to being permanent it's with a company that's already successful--the Palo Alto people are just getting ready for a product test in February and will rely on partners to be successfully moved to market. And, the office in Burlingame is right by the Coyote Point preservation area. I'm not sure whether to expect an offer from either one but it's definitely cool to be getting the attention. I was told by one, "We got a lot of résumés, but we didn't bring in that many people [for a face-to-face interview], and you're the only one we brought in that didn't have a technical degree." Even if these don't go anywhere they're a welcome sign that the move out here might not have been nuts after all. Tomorrow, off to the more prosaic: there's more Christmas shopping to be done, as frightening as the thought may be. Tonight, though, there's just a cup of café au lait for right now (half heated milk, and half strong coffee, a New Orleans chicory blend) and deciding what to do for dinner. Yesterday Tugrik and I ended up at the Los Gatos Brewing Company, a local brewpub that's decidedly upscale. Good, although it won't satisfy the quest to find something comparable to the Tampa Bay Brewing Company--LGBC is definitely more "California cuisine" rather than TBBC's "gourmet pub food" approach.