November 20th, 2002

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As a few people have heard, late Friday afternoon I took a bad step on a rock as I was trying to take a picture by Lake Tahoe and went for a slide. A call to 911 and an ambulance later, it was determined I'd dislocated my right shoulder. Getting that taken care of wasn't a problem--but being told that I had to keep my right shoulder immobile for a few days ("about a week") was. See, I have a manual transmission car. Driving one-handed would be difficult with automatic transmission, but impossible with a stick shift.

Fortunately, as far as such things go, Dusty Rancourt and Talisantia are staying in Folsom, about 90 minutes away. They took me back to their place for the night, with Tali driving my car, and they'll be ferrying me down to Tugrik's place a bit later today.

More later, when I can type in a slightly less awkward fashion. (Albeit only slightly, I suspect.) For the record, the inconvenience is more annoying than anything else--including the loss of my glasses.