November 3rd, 2002

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The "Am I Nuts?" moment

I'm sitting here contemplating repacking--I've done a little of it, and I have box consolidation to do. I have to learn whether the industrial-grade Rubbermaid storage bins I used for the Riverview-to-Clearwater run will be usable by professional movers if I tape 'em shut. I've made a quick, more-to-be-filled-in-later inventory of what I have. I've thought about boxes that need to be replaced, or boxes I might have to bring with me. (Can I ship comic book boxes? Well, I guess so....) And I'm thinking: am I nuts?

It's a predictable thought flow, right? "You checked the job boards last night for the first time in two months and they were dismal. Virtually nothing's out there and what is has college degree requirements for work that pays less than what you were making." (Um, yeah, but that was true with jobs here and Orlando, too.) "Who are you kidding with all this U-Pack nonsense--you want to pay for someone to unload and load your stuff." (Well, it's true that if I get a quote from a big-name mover that seems reasonable I'd probably go with them--) "What? You can't afford them! What if you have to move back?" (Um.) "In fact, why don't you just dump all your remaining furniture in panic mode? Buying new pieces might be cheaper than shipping." (But I have all this non-furniture I need to pack which honestly weighs more than the furniture, so--) "Hell, you're not actually committed to the move yet--why don't you just stay here?" ([sobbing coyote sounds])

But I am committed: I bought plane tickets from San Jose to Orlando for a return flight around Christmastime. They're not refundable. If I'm not actually out there to use them, that'll be stupid.

After Wednesday I'm hoping I'll be on more stable mental ground. I don't know about that, of course, but that's the arbitrary line I've drawn for getting moving quotes. I think I'm really hoping I can justify going with Paul Arpin or another big mover; if they can come in anywhere under $1500, that'd make me happy. (Florida Van Lines quoted a bit over $1200, but I have a suspicion the "MoveDirect" quote calculator lowballed the weight of my shipment. I may see if I can send a few boxes of CDs and books to Tugrik using the post office's "media mail" rate to lower the transport load, though.)

Grrf. The birthday dinner last night went well, and I should write something positive about it, but I think I'm going to take some Tylenol and try to nap.