October 6th, 2002

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Finally at the virtual last minute, I decided to throw a likely-final furry party at Necronomicon.

This is Tampa's major sf convention and--except for last year, when I decided to abandon the party so as not to conflict with Orlando's "Furloween," which has virtually become a mini-convention in its own right--I've run a furry party there every year for about a decade.

Given that Necronomicon--like any science fiction convention--is going to have a lot of net-savvy gamers, I couldn't help but keep in mind this past week's run of the PVP comic. You can see my response to this in the furry party poster I put together.

This party has, I suppose, been one of Florida's best-kept secrets. At times in the past it's drawn 50 or 60 people, and we've frequently had a "fanzine library" out (usually of YARF!, PawPrints, and other "mostly general audience" stuff). We've had lots of "non-furries" wander through the party and sometimes stay and the overall atmosphere has been pretty relaxed and friendly. It stayed that way this year. (And, yes, as the poster says, we had party trays prepared by Chili's. Better-than-average party food has also been a tradition there.

Despite the short notice, a couple people (John B. and Mach) drove over from Orlando and the attendance was still acceptable--probably only a dozen people at any one time but I suspect at least two dozen wandered through. If this does indeed prove to be the last one (no one else has sufficient interest to shell out for this, and there seems to be a greater than zero chance I'll prove to be the scout coyote in a gradual dispersal of the "Tampa Pack" out of the area), it was a good end to the run.