October 3rd, 2002

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Dispatches from the front

Surgery: It went well. Caring for the incision will be annoying. It's on the small of my back. Kim helped me by putting a new bandage over it, but I think I slopped too much antibacterial ointment around the wound and the bandage is likely to fall off. Tomorrow I buy a hand mirror to see if I can manage to do this a little more gracefully. The job: Well, it started. The place seems nice. I'll have to write more when I'm feeling less scatterbrained. It's an interesting company--the manufacturing (for medical equipment they make) is done right there, so while I'm in a typical cubicle farm setting, just down the hall is the full shebang: it's like a cross between a chemistry lab and a machine shop. They have a cafeteria on site and a Kelly Services rep on site (which implies a lot about the rate they use contractors). Their timeline for the project has it completed by November 1st, which sounds optimistic to me, but they're definitely looking at this being a 4-6 week contract, not a 6-8 week one. ...which I suppose will work out well for me, really. Fate is perhaps telling me to get my act together and ship out by mid-November after all.