September 29th, 2002

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Murphy's move

I woke up at 6:00 Saturday morning and drove to Kim's (an hour from my apartment, or thereabouts), then drove back to the place in Riverview I was supposed to pick up the truck from. The place not only didn't have any trucks, it was closed.


I went to the main U-Haul Center in Brandon. They said that Tampa was out of trucks. Not just their office, all the offices. They were having more driven down from Gainesville and would give me a call before noon.

I called again at 10:30 or so to get a status. No status to be given.

A call after noon and they were still working on it, so I said, "Call my cell phone, and my friends and I will take over boxes of stuff in our cars." Which we did.

Finally around 4:30, I called again and was told, "Oh, there's a truck just arriving at Ybor City."

"Great," I said, "but I'm not there, and all my friends who were going to help me move aren't available now, so now I need to pick the truck up Sunday."

I was told they'll absolutely, definitely have the truck available at an auto place in Riverview Sunday. For Saturday, I had: all the furniture, including bed, at my old apartment and nearly everything else at Kim's. I'd thought among the 90% of the boxes we'd moved over, we'd gotten my clothes and linens, so I could just sleep on Kim's futon. So that's what I did. Surprise! No sheets, and no clothes--beyond fortunately the suitcase that happens to have underwear and socks. I did, at least, have pillows.

Kim's place feels very... bachelor pad, in a geek understanding of the concept. I'm sure I'll write about that more later, with better grace than I'd be able to muster if I went into any detail now.

I went to bed shortly after starting this on Saturday night, before attempting to reconfigure the wireless network for some level of real security. Kim is a security maven, to the point where he breaks things on his network regularly--at least from the standpoint of us normal users. I'm, well, not one. My "LAN" at home has only had two machines on it, usually just one turned on at any given point, and both have few exposed services to start with. If someone ever managed to get close enough to the apartment to filch my wireless Road Runner connection, more power to 'em, I say.

I'd planned to post my little rant here--and pick up my email--before trying to change things on the network, but LiveJournal's servers weren't being cooperative. (Or Kim's network isn't; he's on an ISDN line rather than true broadband.) So I'm trying Sunday morning, before heading out to the auto place. They don't open until 9:30, which is really when I should be picking things up. This disturbs me.'ll notice this wasn't posted until late Sunday night. Why, you may ask? Oh, go on, you saw this coming.

U-Haul didn't finally get a truck to me, exactly--my mother did, finding a truck at a U-Haul dealer where she lives, 50 miles north of here. In theory, they won't charge me for the extra miles this incurred. We'll see.

So things were finished moving by 7:00 p.m. Sunday. I still have the cleaning to do at the old apartment, the cleaning I'd planned to do today. There are perishables there, also planned to be rescued today; the power goes off tomorrow. I'm tired and it's hot here, and my room looks like a vortex of boxes, bins and furniture. More furniture than I wanted actually came with me. We won't go there.

The problem wasn't LiveJournal's servers, by the way, it was Kim's network. For some reason the solution was finally to set the MTU on the AirPort interface to 480. Otherwise, half the network connections don't connect.

Tomorrow I get to figure out where to take the truck back and then how to get it there, and then to see if U-Haul will charge me extra for all the fun I've had.