August 13th, 2002

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The first of the great sales

I'm taking what seems like a death-defying risk here, although I'm sure it actually isn't: I'm putting up a small collection of odd stuff on eBay. This is the "BeOS diehard" block, containing four books on BeOS and a collection of CDs including both the first and last Intel releases and "Gobe Productive," an Appleworks-ish like office suite.

A few people have expressed interests in any comics and fanzines I might choose to jettison, so those won't go off to any sales. Books and CDs are likely to just be taken to used shops in the local area. This mostly leaves the weird computer stuff for eBay--other likely candidates may be the Tandy 200 portable (a circa-1983 8085-based machine which still works, unlike the circa-1992 386SX laptop that doesn't) and an alarming collection of TRS-80 magazines, manuals and software.