March 21st, 2002

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Midweek at the Stir-Crazy Corral

Story ideas are accumulating but not managing to get out.

I'm behind on assembling the story collection for Sofawolf; there's still a lot left to scan, everything left to edit and--in theory--one story left to write. That story exists as about a thousand words of notes; the working title is "Endless Circle," although I don't think that's going to stick. Of course, right now I'm not sure it's going to even get written.

Meanwhile, In Our Image remains stuck on Chapter 4. I feel like I need to take a day (or two or three) off to beat my head against this wall. Somewhere outside of the apartment. The apartment's too distracting, both from having lots of other obvious distractions and for--still, I know--being just too damn cluttered. I feel like I need to take time off to address that, too, particularly as I more seriously consider moving. I am not nearly ruthless enough in throwing out crap, and I've got crap--broken furniture--that technically I'm not supposed to put in my apartment's dumpster anyway.

Really, what I want to do is take a "long weekend" off--no, a full week. Head out somewhere pretty and isolated, just me and the computer, and just hole up and write.

Well, me and the computer and the stories I haven't scanned in. After I scan them in. Otherwise it'd be me and the computer and the scanner and a box of assorted fanzines and manuscript pages.

On the work front, I've decided to pursue technical writing more seriously. This will probably mean trying to find some company that has open tech writing positions in the local area unless I can convince someone in another area to take the chance on me--always possible, but probably a long shot. I may need to be more open to moving to places that aren't in my "top five places to be" list, too. (For the record, those would be Seattle, the Napa/Marin area, San Diego, Santa Fe and maybe Portland, Oregon.) It'll probably also mean being willing to take a pay cut, although there's a practical limit to how much reduction in pay I can handle.

Since I don't have a degree and I've never held a job whose title was "technical writer," I'm considering getting some kind of training/certification in the field. If anyone has any thoughts on whether that makes sense--or advice on where to go (or where not to go)--I'd be interested in hearing them.
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