February 5th, 2002

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I'm still spending money as if I were at the con, but I'm trying to get out of that habit--tomorrow I really need to go grocery shopping so I'll start eating more at home.

Last week I got glasses. These are the first pair that I've had, although I've probably needed them since I turned thirty (which happened what seems to be a depressingly long time ago). I'm adjusting well, I suppose, although I'm having the headaches that I think I'd been warned about by others years ago. Actually, I think they were talking about headaches you get from having the wrong prescription, but maybe changing prescriptions from "nothing" to "correct" works the same way.

This evening I went to a meeting of a novel writing group; I've been a member of a group that meets in Brandon for a couple years. All very nice people and quite supportive--but mostly poets, with the occasional short story writer. Two of the people in the Brandon group (one who stopped going about a year ago, really) are part of this other group, focused on novel writing.

Of course, I didn't get any indication that anyone else is doing science fiction. This could be a bad thing, but it could be a good thing; I really want In Our Image to be a "crossover," something that would appeal to people who don't normally read genre stories.

Speaking of Image, there's nothing much to report on it, or my short story collection project. Yet. I'm just starting the process of tracking down some of the stories that aren't available to me in "soft copy" form anymore; I also see that with the Avatar and Furnation Avatar mirror down, my early-early stuff that I released as text files after publication isn't available anymore. This means I might be able to consider a couple of those stories, too (if I can find them); I'm trying not to include anything that people can get easily somewhere else. I'm hoping to get a new story done, too, but at this point I really don't have anything new to write about.