June 7th, 2001

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I work in a flea circus with poorly trained fleas.</p>

On other fronts, the notes for 'the dragon story,' as I've eloquently dubbed it, are plodding along. Working with Dramatica has shown me just how much plotting information I don't do for long pieces; we'll see if filling in all the holes now really helps me in the long run. It's a slow process, though--I come to places in Dramatica's "StoryGuide" (essentially, a step-by-step brainstorming process) I can't get past without taking days to fill in back story. On the bright side, if the novel gets done (and it's obvious the dragon story is novel-length) it may be pretty impressive. Whether it'll be saleable is another question, but I'll ask again at another time.

I haven't done anything with the 1500-word mainstream story I wrote in April. I haven't even given it a title. Time to get off my butt and see if I can get it out in time for Glimmer Train's current fiction writing contest, maybe.