January 8th, 2001

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Happy New Year! Nothing particularly interesting going on here. Preparing for my vacation toward the end of the month and working on the website for World Tree, and contemplating stories I'm not writing at the moment. And, learning a bit about photography, or floundering my way there. So far I've learned that to make colors more vivid and saturated, you want to either underexpose the film or overexpose it. People argue about which one goes with which film type, though. A friend and I explored Mount Dora and surrounding areas yesterday taking pictures, and I also learned that underexposing things by a half-stop makes virtually no difference in the colors with the print film that I'm using. Unrelated to photography, I learned Mount Dora is a surprisingly cool little town. Maybe I should get out of the computer field, move there and try to open the Blue Coyote Grill for real....