Watts (chipotle) wrote,

An interesting Saturday--

--but not very productive. Saturday, a friend and I set out driving north on I-75 with no particular destination in mind, other than starting out with "let's go see mountains," which is of course not something you can really do on a day trip from Tampa.

When we decided we'd gone far enough and should start heading east, we were in Tifton, Georgia, a town where there is nothing to eat. We meandered along pretty countryside to Waycross and then down toward Fernandina Beach & Amelia Island, where I'd remembered eating at a restaurant a few years ago. But this was the weekend of a shrimp festival that had all the traffic tied up and police directing cars crawling around narrow intersections. We missed the street where the restaurant was on entirely, and realized after the fact it was because the street had been blocked off. By this point it was 7 p.m. and it seemed rather pointless to pay $5 to go to this unknown festival; we ended up at a much less glamorous Captain D's, a fast food seafood place.

In retrospect, I should have either (a) kept going north despite the illogic of it--we'd have easily made the foothills north of Atlanta before sundown--or (b) followed my initial instinct to just jog across the state east on I-10 and head toward St. Augustine.

Another friend apparently woke up as I was going to my first friend's and complained that we never wait for him, but didn't make any effort to get in touch with us even though we clearly hadn't left yet (my first friend was still logged into a private, mostly out-of-character MUCK the local group uses). Yes, we're all nerds and are on MUCKs all the time, but we all have phones. We were leaving after 11 a.m., too; if, God forbid, we actually planned a road trip we'd be trying to be on the road by 9.

Today should be a quieter day, and potentially more productive--writing and maybe more house cleaning, again with an eye toward "if I had to move in two weeks, what kind of shape would I want the apartment to be in to make my life simpler?"

I'm poking around other apartments closer to work again but (as usual) waffling about committing to the move. I've found a couple wonderful ones that are all more expensive than where I'm at now (which ain't cheap), and one which is almost identical to the one I'm at now which will be $85 less a month--but is in Palm Harbor, so while it'd cut down on my commute it'd still be 20-25 minutes away. And, of course, until it appears in print I don't really know that NetPoodles has more financing or revenue--right now they likely just have promises of both.

Really, given how little work I've been doing there recently, I have no idea if I'm going to be booted even if the company lives. It's clear they're looking to "cut fat," and development is overstaffed. I'd honestly say I'm the equal of the other two GUI folks in talent, but I haven't been on any visible projects for months, and--this won't shock anyone who's been reading this--I haven't been very motivated to chase after new ones. This is not a company I have interest in giving 110% to. While I've gotten better at avoiding the most egregious spiked pits of office politics over the years, I think I'm congenitally incapable of making my own busy work--when I'm bored and restless, it's obvious.

Well, on a non-productive note, off to see if I can convince a random subset of local friends to go out for pancakes.

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