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Alone in the Dark

So the last 24 hours, I’ve been tweaking an old story I rewrote a couple months ago. This is after taking a couple days post-holiday to play some interactive fiction games; since I’ve been thinking about writing IF, learning to suck less at it seems like a generally good idea.

Of course, this is all while flailing around at Claw & Quill’s database design. I’m not sure whether having more than one big project at a time is a good idea. If C&Q is my “job” while I’m unemployed, is IF my after-hours hobby project?

However! What I should mention that’s only marginally related to any of this is Will Sanborn’s horror anthology Alone in the Dark, available from Lulu. One of my stories appears in it, a short piece called “Carrier.” I’ve only read a few stories in it so far, but they’ve been generally good—and despite the “horror anthology” description, many of the stories I’ve read so haven’t been all that horrific. (Not a complaint, mind you, just an observation.)

What I didn’t realize until I got the book is that I got an illustration by Heather Bruton out of the deal:

"Carrier" illustration by Heather Bruton

So how cool is that?

As the illustration may imply, while some of the stories in Alone in the Dark are actually kind of sweet and light, that one? Not so much.

It occurs to me abstractly that after many years of not having any story published, I have two stories that came out this year that I’m proud of (the other one being “The Narrow Road in Morning Light” in Sofawolf’s New Fables #2). When Ursa Major voting begins next year, you are all requested to stuff the ballot box keep these in mind.

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