Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Notes from the road

...and this time sent from the iPhone, using a native LiveJournal client.

I realized a few weeks ago that I had failed to update my address with the DMV, so my polling place was by tugrik's place. So, after making the trek down there and voting, I kept going and ended up in Morgan Hill. I'm getting lunch at a fabulous hole in the wall Mexican place, El Rincon, and seeing if I can minimize exposure to election results until 7pm local time. I am much more of a political junkie than I let on here these days, but fatigue has set in, and I expect way too much histrionics from all sides. I have had to stuff a sock in my mouth, virtually speaking, too often as it is. Every national election since 1964 has been about "cultural values" and about the idea that real Americans elect people who hate government, because who's better for a given position than someone philosophically opposed to that position's function? That's why the best CEOs are Marxists, clearly.

But I digress.

Lunch is finished now, and it's time to move on somewhere. Just driving around aimlessly will be a difficult temptation to resist, but I know I'll be home later.

Happy election day, no matter who you're voting for (or have voted for). Even that guy, or the other guy.


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