Watts (chipotle) wrote,

FYI: my email addresses

If you're a correspondent of mine, be advised that if you're using a mail address for me at solluna.org or ranea.org you are using an address that's essentially a spam forest. While ranea.org is still my personal domain, my main contact address there was overrun years ago -- and I haven't given the address at solluna.org out to people in a decade. (Almost literally, since I started using the ranea.org address in October 1998.)

If you don't have my gmail.com address and would like it, get in touch with me through some other means and I'll pass it along.

(N.B.: I've been spending the last month or so, since moving ranea.org's hosting provider, trying to unsubscribe those two addresses from every mailing/advertising list they're still on. When they go for a week getting nothing but spam, I'm going to simply turn them off -- at least the one at ranea, since I have control over it. I'll have to talk with dracosphynx to see if that's possible at solluna.)


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