Watts (chipotle) wrote,

FC Tiki Party

I'm planning to host a tiki party at FC on Saturday night. This isn't going to be "advertised" except on this journal; when I have room information I'll post it here (probably Thursday night), and I'll probably also send out the information on my Twitter stream. RSVPs here (or via tweet) are appreciated, but not required. (If you plan to bring/tell a friend who wouldn't be reading this, let me know.)

At this point all one can reasonably expect at the party is: rum. There is a high probability of other mixers, a moderate possibility of snack food, and a fairly good chance that I'll be able to provide something other than directions to the nearest soda machine for those who don't want alcohol. I am hoping to at least be able to make mai tais and possibly pina coladas, traditional daiquiris, and of course your basic rum and cola (and the "dark and stormy," dark rum and ginger ale).

Anyone who wishes to help provide snacks and possibly alcohol should get in touch with me. I expect I'll be tracking down the party stuff in a state of mild panic on Saturday afternoon, because you know, that's just traditional.
Tags: cons, drinks

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