Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Heading back

I have about an hour at the airport before my first flight, so I’ve commandeered an outlet and am taking the time to do a little catching up here.

As my last entry implied, my “post-Christmas” was busy, but just as much of the holiday for me as Christmas itself and the days leading up to it. I saw haikujaguar for the first time in… well, a couple years, at the least (since the last time she and elusivetiger were out in California). I saw an old friend (and former roommate), David, for the first time in eight years, since he moved to the D.C. area, and met his partner. And, yesterday I got to see ladyperegrine and have a wonderful evening with her and two Tampa area friends, talking at a cafe and later having dinner at Seasons 52.

I’ve had problems since I’ve moved out to California with mild eczema (ick!), which I mention only because I seem to have confirmed one of my suspicions about it—it’s a combination of dry weather and dust allergy. After moving to the new apartment it lessened somewhat, and it’s just about gone now, after being in my mom’s considerably less dusty place—and Florida’s considerably more humid weather.

Of course, that humidity’s also one of the things I don’t miss about Florida. My mom tends not to air condition unless it’s over ninety or so—to her, seventy-five degrees is cool weather—and yesterday it drizzled rain and remained cloudy in the evening, which means the night stayed humid without cooling much. I don’t think I slept well the last two nights in particular.

On the flight out, I’m doing something I avoid when I can: checking a bag. Some of the little stocking stuffers I got were things like cooking sauces and shampoos, and since we all know that liquids in containers over three ounces are dangerous when exposed to overhead luggage racks, I couldn’t bring it with me. I do hope it arrives at SFO at roughly the same time I do.

It’s still nearly an hour before the flight, and about twenty-five minutes before boarding starts, so I may get up and wander around a little. Tampa International’s not a particularly interesting airport to explore, an ironic side effect of it being very well-designed for an airport’s main function: getting you between your plane and your ground transportation (or vice-versa) as efficiently as possible. But it’s reasonable comfortable as airports go, and—in a welcome break from the “charge as much as we can get” attitude of many airports—offers free wifi throughout the buildings.

I’ll see people in a few hours on the other coast, and decide whether I want to do more for New Years’ Eve than sleep. In the meantime: Happy New Year.

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