Watts (chipotle) wrote,

I'm back at International Plaza on my sanity break. I can't say "lunch break" because I had lunch already, a "Cup Noodles" chicken salsa ramen at the office. On Tuesday I was told that Mafia Tony noticed I wasn't signing in and out of work when I was leaving for lunch; yesterday we had a rare group lunch, so I didn't need to worry about it. Today I signed out like a good hourly wage slave. And, yep, I'm at a Starbucks again--this time one in a central inside mall courtyard, sitting on a marble patio. If I was going to be stuck working retail, I'd probably want to work at a coffee shop, although a friend of mine who's a former Intermedia worker was denied employment recently at a Starbucks because she's overqualified.

My finances are lower than they need to be, again, this time because I took Time Warner at face value. They left a "pay us or die" note on my door yesterday, so today I drove off after leaving a check for them. (In the memo field I wrote, "biding my time for DSL.") The thing is, after checking what passes for records, I actually did send them most of their money already electronically and they'd have gotten it no later than the day before yesterday. Logically they shouldn't have sent a monkey out to my door, but they did, and I bet not only will they have taken the check this morning but that if I hadn't left it there they'd have turned off my service. Even though they already have the money.

This doesn't actually hurt my budget but it does piss me off. I can look at the silver lining: after this and an accidental doubling of a check payment to the electric company (don't ask), I won't have to worry about most of my utilities for a while.

I have both Image and my APA story to work on. I've done another paragraph of notes on the short piece, but even under good circumstances I usually have to take a few minutes to get up to speed from a full stop like this--writing on my lunch break if I have to actually limit it to an hour won't be easy. Of course, I suppose that's why I end up writing journal entries on my breaks.

After a near-constant state of unstability under OS X with the beta wireless card drivers I wrote about earlier, I've bought an AirPort card instead. This kind of commits me to eventually buying my own wireless base station, too, but I'll live.

Meanwhile, I have a few more job possibilities to look at. A friend of mine (jadedfox) has just moved down to Tampa and has three or four interviews right off the bat, although I don't think he's looking for things in my field. I'm choosing to take this as encouraging but it's nonetheless frustrating that I'm not even getting callbacks. Aquent still lists my application as "under review"; I'm going to have to give them a call tomorrow and see what's up. (Tomorrow for the prosaic reason that my Visorphone's AA batteries appear to be dead, and it won't let me make a call. I've decided that I'm adding "HipTop" to my growing list of Toys To Eventually Buy as a replacement for the VisorPhone.)

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