Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Not quite settling in, but closer

Apparently, either I had forgotten how to use my pasta pot, or the stove doesn’t get hot enough to boil water. Despite the apartment’s maintenance issues so far, I’m betting on the pot as the problem child—it’s a gas stove. Now I recall I never used the drainer insert on the pot because it required a lot of water, so I’ll try it without. Tonight I’ll probably try a repeat of Monday’s dinner, since I have sauce left over. Not exciting cooking yet, but baby steps.

The maintenance issues are being taken care of, with the major one—the shower—fixed. I still think the apartment as a whole has low water pressure (I’m going to ask another resident or two in my building if this is normal here or not). The living room is still weeks away from starting to take shape, I suspect, but the advantage of a huge computer monitor is that it’s like having an HDTV in the room. I’ll be getting what TV shows I keep watching through iTunes and BitTorrent for now.

I’m starting lists of all those things you need in practice: pot holders, a hook to hang the pot holders on, plastic food wrap, basic spices, on and on. I suspect a plastic cutting board at tugrik’s was mine, but I decided to get a bamboo cutting board. (Just $20, so it wasn’t a big splurge.) I may get a new pot set to replace my inherited quasi-set of old thin aluminum and non-stick coating pots. New knives may be taken care of by a generous offer from Tug (also a devious plan to upgrade his knife set).

I’m also solving the little issues, like: what radio station to listen to in the morning. While I’m now out of range of the fascinatingly/irritatingly quirky KKUP, I’ve set my clock radio instead to KCSM, a jazz-only public radio station.

It, in turn, reminded me today of B Street & Vine, a “wine café” in San Mateo that has live jazz four nights a week. Dave and dracosphynx and I went there once for dinner a month ago, and I suspect I should start making an attempt to get there more often. This may be something else that happens this weekend, depending on weather and time; as of right now the weekend forecast is clear and sunny, although we’re shifting to winter weather patterns: highs below 60, lows below 40, and rain. I hope for rain, at least: last month was only a quarter of the average. By the end of January, perhaps we’ll have some living room seating and be able to sit around the fireplace, having coffee and hot chocolate and watching boxes. (A living room TV is a long way off, I think, but I should be able to get the stereo system running, at least…)

Oh. And Forbidden Island is now merely 27 miles away instead of 50. This may figure into future plans.

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