Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Slowly getting there

I’m making final prep for what’s undoubtedly one of the slower, more sedate moves that I’ve made. What’s left to move is mostly furniture (bed, computer desk and chair, and a baker’s table that I’ll likely press into service as a bar), clothes, and kitchen utensils and gadgets that I purchased or unpacked here and haven’t figured out how to repack yet: martini glasses, margarita glasses, wine glasses (sensing a theme?) and some other odds and ends.

The plan is to borrow bigtig’s minivan on Saturday and move the furniture, then run to the Pier 1 by the apartment to pick up my new dresser and move that, then, well, return the minivan and head back up the road with at least some of the clothes and odds-and-ends. Then push my bedroom into good enough condition to sleep there. I’ll be attempting to bring at least one friend with me to help with the moving during this process—it’s going to be a two-person job, at least, to unload the big furniture pieces, even though there’s not many of them; there may be many trips up and down the road between the apartment and Tugrik’s. (It’s 35 miles each way, which isn’t too bad in and of itself but gets tiring in repetition.) Sunday will be a return to Tugrik’s to clean the room, which I’m sure has dustbunnies the size of cats in it, and picking up still more odds and ends.

I suspect I’ll have a lot to do on Saturday morning, from still more laundry to computer moving/dismantling, but hopefully I’ll get a head start on that tonight. At least, disconnecting things and clearing off surfaces. Ironically, the boxes I’ll need to pack things are mostly at the new place, so I’ll need to bring a load back, as well as some packing peanuts to protect the glassware.

The holidays are a strange time of year to be moving; it makes me feel… selfish. Instead of thinking about gifts to buy others, I’m thinking about furnishings. Bookshelves for the living room. Shelves for my closet. Filling in missing kitchen utensils. (Buying a non-assful knife set.) Stocking “pantry” dry goods and spices. You’d think this would at least be an excellent opportunity to put together a wish list, but even that’s easier said than done: I won’t have a full idea of what I need until after I move. And flying back from Florida with the knife set might be problematic anyway.

In any case. Before I leave this morning, I’ll turn off the G5’s backup scheduler to the house NAS and start a final “manual” backup of it to an external hard drive. Then I’ll head back into the office, stopping by the Los Gatos Peet’s for coffee—it’ll be the last time I take this route, at least to work. (Memo to self: find Peet’s closest to new apartment.)

Tags: housing, tech

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