Watts (chipotle) wrote,

Weekly update

I’ve let this journal get behind again, so time for an update.

This most recent round of “I should really get up earlier to do things in the morning” I’ve been through has been different from the rest in that I’m actually managing to get up earlier, and actually managing to get things done. Last week, every morning I wrote 500–1000 words on a new story, which is now finished (and even through a couple small revisions). This week, I’ve been starting work on my very belated revival of Claw & Quill, although what I have so far appears to actually be the start of my own object-oriented PHP web development framework. I hate when that happens.

And today, of course, I’m working on a journal update. This morning I didn’t get up as early as I should be, and I blame it on the weather. Well, indirectly. See, the weather patterns are shifting a bit more toward autumn’s now—a little early, based on my past shifts here—so the low’s approaching 50, instead of the mid-50s. It was cool enough I felt like putting a blanket on the bed, which was just comfortable enough this morning that I wanted to keep lying there. So I did. Even if I hit the snooze button a few times I should be able to easily pull off an hour’s worth of personal time before the commute, but I hit the snooze button… more than a few times.

I realize that when I talk about this to any friend who doesn’t live in Silicon Valley, the hours sound… odd. The before-work hour that I’m usually aiming for is 7:30–8:30, and even that gives me some room: I don’t really have to be on the road before 9:00. My alarm clock goes off at 6:30, which gives me a lot of leeway: even after snooze button abuse I have time to shower and grab coffee and still make it to the computer for the personal hour. (Then, I disconnect it and take it to work, because my laptop is my work computer.) Yet I’m generally awake before anyone else (unless Tugrik has been woken up by a work phone call, a pretty common occurrence) and generally the first or second one out the door—and when I roll into the office in the 9:30–9:45 time frame, I’m almost always the second one there after the admin assistant. The tech industry here just seems to work on a later schedule. I’m not sure how much of that is due to the night-owl hacker stereotype and how much of it is drift born of awful commute times.

Speaking of commutes, as I wrote way back in July, I do keep idly musing on the subject of moving. I may write more about this in detail in another journal entry; for now, just say I don’t have any firm plans for a housewarming (apartmentwarming?) party anytime soon.

I’ve hit my 8:30 mark, so I’m going to wrap this up and finish before-work prep.

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